Maker Supplies

Nomadic Designs is a one stop shop for your creative woodworking supplies.

We carry a wide variety of woodworking Supplies, Products & Wood.

Live edge Kiln Dried wood, Finishing products, Burl and Exotic slabs, Abrasives, Epoxy Resin Kits, Non seal HDPE forms and pigments. 

We offer a wide range of lumber including Live Edge Charcuterie: Walnut, Ash, White Oak, Cherry, Ambrosia Maple, Olive, Aromatic Cedar & more. Each of our Charcuterie Stock Wood has been kiln dried, flattened, debarked and sanded to 80 grit. All of our boards have been carefully selected.

We also carry a wide range of Larger Slabs and Exotic Slabs. We carry Locally Salvaged Manitoba Wood as well. Please stay tuned for more items and supplies hitting our shelves soon!

We stock Walrus Oil Products for all your finishing needs.

We stock Squidpoxy Epoxy Resin Kits for all your epoxy projects

We keep adding products to our shelves every week. Stay tuned for updates and more supplies.