Walnut Cookies

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Live Edge Walnut Cookies

All of our live edge Walnut cookies have been kiln dried, flattened, debarked and sanded to 80 grit. These slabs are perfect for your next DIY project as they require minimal sanding before applying your favourite finishing product. 

We always like to recommend using Walrus Oil finishing products to maintain and enhance the wood of your DIY project. We like to finish ours with two coats of the cutting board oil and then we seal it with one coat of cutting board wax.

The pictures above are not the exact slabs that you will receive, but they are representative of what you can expect your boards to look like. 

We thoroughly inspect each slab before it is sent out to ensure our boards reflect the high standards we hold at Nomadic Designs.




Length: 18"-24" long

Width: 7"-12" wide

Thickness: 5/8" - 1" thick


Length: appx. 30" long

Width: appx. 10" wide

Thickness: 5/8" - 1" thick