Cribbage Boards

Home of The ORIGINAL Canada Cribbage Board!

WE LOVE OUR CRIBBAGE! So.....we LOVE making our cribbage boards. Our handcrafted cribbage boards are made with the utmost care and attention. Here at Nomadic Designs, we create two distinct styles of boards: Epoxy Resin Cribbage Boards and Hardwood Cribbage Boards. 

Our Resin Cribbage Boards are created using pigments added to the epoxy resin to create the colored "river" surrounding the wood portion of the board.  Whereas, the Hardwood Cribbage Board is inspired by our butcher blocks using two to three different types of hardwoods and looks more similar to a traditional cribbage board.

All of our Cribbage boards are now efficiently and accurately CNC drilled. They are then brought to life and finished with Walrus Oil Products.

Every cribbage board includes 6-9 pegs, peg pouch, a fresh deck of cards and a locally handmade drawstring pouch to bring everything together.