About Us


Nomadic Designs began in the summer of 2016, in Ontario, Canada. Mike Liambas, our head honcho and professional hockey player of 11 years, was back in Toronto for the summer and staying with his parents. While visiting one morning, his mother showed him a photo of a mirror she was hoping to buy. He took one look at it and said he would love to make it for her instead. That project was when his interest in woodworking took off.

Over the next few off-seasons, Mike explored other woodworking projects, diving into making live edge furniture for friends and family. He realized he was becoming pretty good at this and he really enjoyed it. His passion for woodworking continued to burn, much like the fire that burns in him for hockey.

The summer would come to a close, bags would be packed and off we'd go to the next city. This time, Mike studied woodworking. He'd watch endless videos and even worked on projects in his down time. We began sharing his work on social media and decided it was time to come up with a name. Nomadic Designs came pretty easily when we took a step back and looked at our lifestyle. We reflected on where we started, where we've been and where we are heading. As a professional hockey player, we are naturally nomads. We are always on the move and truly are wanderers at our core. No matter where hockey takes us, Nomadic Designs comes along for the ride. 

"no•mad•ic: living the life of a nomad; wandering."



We LOVE nature and our planet. We believe that it is our duty as human beings to do our part in keeping the earth healthy and reducing waste as much as possible. Nomadic Designs always try to use locally salvaged wood commonly found in whichever city we are set up in at the time. There is always a creative way to transform wood into something amazing, rather than it being burned or thrown into a landfill. We LOVE Mother Earth and are thankful for everything she provides us with. 

"My favourite part of all this, is how we get the opportunity to join Nature with Art. This makes every single piece we create very unique to the next."

-Mike Liambas

Nomadic Designs is also a big believer in giving back to the communities we live in. We recently teamed up with the Iowa Wild to help create awareness and offer support to the Food Bank of Iowa during the COVID-19 pandemic. We auctioned off a few of our charcuterie boards that were signed by Mike and his teammate. 

Thanks for getting to know us!

- The Nomadic Designs Team