Cribbage Boards -Exotic/Burl + Epoxy

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Cribbage Boards -Exotic/Burl + Epoxy 

Cribbage, Hands down one of the best card games known to mankind! Nothing beats a good old crib match. 

Here you can find all of our Exotic or Burl Epoxy Cribbage boards. We try and use locally salvaged wood as often as possible. Repurposing and giving new life to natures beauty. 

All of our Exotic Burl Cribbage boards are two player tracks. They come complete with a fresh deck of Nomadic Designs playing cards, metal pegs, a peg pouch and a big drawstring pouch to hold the board and all its goodies. Perfect to take it with you anywhere you adventure. 

All our cribbage boards are finished with Walrus Oil and Wax. Locking in the beautiful grains and colour tones of the wood and sealing it to give it a long durable life. 

• The cribbage board you choose will be the actual one you receive • 

Corporate or Bulk orders available upon request  

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*Laser engraving options available.