Cribbage Board 2022 Olympic CAN/USA

Cribbage Board 2022 Olympic CAN/USA

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Cribbage Board Hockey Banner/Jersey Style

The Best Game in the World (Hockey) joins teams with one of our favorite card games known to man (Cribbage). 

Our boards can come with a name and # of your choosing. A Canada Flag, USA flag can be carved underneath the “Jersey” We can also carve out the Name of your favorite team and fill it with epoxy **see bottom for logo limitations* 


Our Cribbage boards come complete with Metal pegs, a peg pouch, fresh deck of Nomadic Designs Playing Cards & a pouch to store your cards and pegs. Complete with a 3 player cribbage track. 

Wood options:

1. Walnut

2. Maple

3. Ash


We finish all our cribbage boards with Walrus Oil Furniture lineup of Oil, Butter then Wax to finish it up. 

• Once you make the purchase, please send us an email with the following info:

- order # 
- Name on the board 

- Jersey # 

- Canada leaf or flag or USA flag? Or favorite teams logo in text and epoxy inlay  

*Due to licensing deals, we can not use NHL logos- but we can carve out the team name and match team colours*