Lake Depth Map

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“Lake Depth Maps” Wall Art, Butcher Block, Serving Board

Our Team will write a program & CNC carve the true depth map of the Lake of your choosing. 

We then fill the lake with a transparent pigmented blue Epoxy - We want you to be able to see the depths of course! Next we add an engraving of the “N” compass and the name of the chosen lake. Then we finish each piece with 100% Food Safe @walrusoil Cutting Board Oil & Wax to lock in the beautiful colours and tones of the piece, while also protecting it from water damage.

Each order will include a Juice Groove, side handles, rubber non slip feet & Personalize it with an engraving of a personal note, message, Company Logo etc. 

Dimensions: 16”x24”x2”

Wood Options

•Walnut (pictured)
•White Oak

Natural Finish: Walrus Oil

Please email us with your order details:
1. Lake Name & Location 
2. Please include any engraving personalizations- text or digital files
3. invoice #

*Lead time on new lake designs 3-4 weeks*
**Lead time on previously designed lake 2-3 weeks**


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